Marble Toy Machine

LR Design+Build's Marble Toy Machine (84" x 38" x 13")

LR Design+Build's Marble Toy Machine (84" x 38" x 13")

The “Marble Toy Machine” was created out of a desire to pay homage to a very influential childhood building set toy of mine called Marbleworks by Discovery Toys.

Growing up the majority of my toys were building sets and tools--which for me was a great thing.  The hands-on open-ended play encouraged experimenting and problem solving.  It allowed me to use my creativity to try out new skills and to explore my imagination, while developing my dexterity, and cognitive, emotional, and physical strengths.

At LR Design+Build we believe that play is special.  We are passionate about, and specialize in the creation of interactive exhibits and displays like marble and ball machine contraptions that focus on play while engaging audiences of all ages.

If you are interested in the Marble Toy Machine or a custom designed work please let us know.  

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The Marble Toy Machine is currently on display in our lobby.  If you are in the area we would love to have you stop by to see it in action.